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South Side Market
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Our Response to Coronavirus

UPDATE AS OF July 24, 2020

Face Covering is Required.

As of Thursday at 6 pm the Governor has mandated that all persons 10 years of age and older entering a building, other than a personal residence, must wear a mask. This order requires all customers entering this building to wear a mask unless they have a medical or other allowable reason to not. We value our customers’ safety and privacy and will assume that you have a permissible reason not to wear a mask if you are not doing so. Otherwise, please abide by the Governor’s directive and wear a mask while inside of the Marketplace building.

Mask are not required during these circumstances.

-While seated and dining.

-Outdoors as long as you are 6′ distance between yourself & others are maintained.

Thank you for your help as we all do our part to combat the virus.

Seth Coblentz
General Manager, Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market



Let’s Open!

It sure does feel good to make the announcement that we will be opening up on May 12th!  “I know! I know!  It’s a Tuesday and we are normally closed on Tuesday”.  Well to be honest I just didn’t want to have to wait another two days to see all of you!  So there you have it, we will open for a special Tuesday on May 12th before we resume back to our normal Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday work week.  


With the announcement of opening, I want to assure you that in our past 80 years of operation we have always put the safety of our employees, shop owners and customers as our top priority, and that mindset has never changed.  In the past two months we have listened to ideas and creatively thought of ways to improve and maximize your safety when we open.  Masks, gloves, social distancing, disinfecting and regular hand washing are all part of showing our appreciation for you and we are happy to create an ongoing environment that is both safe and enjoyable for everyone!  Thanks for your encouragement and support during this time.  We can’t wait to see you all soon, even if it is behind a face mask. 

Seth Coblentz
General Manager, Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market




Our Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the current situation is ever changing, our top priority will always be the health and well – being of our community, customers and employees.

We are temporarily closing the MarketPlace North Side and Upstairs Shops, Sarah’s Grill, Coffee Mill & Flea Market.

The following businesses in MarketPlace South Side Market will remain open 9AM – 6PM, Closed WED & SUN.

  • Aida’s Bakery
  • Chocolate Creations
  • Hartville Hometown Meats & Seafood
  • Pangea Keto

We know as a community we will get through this stronger together.

Sending love and blessings,
Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market



Our Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As of March 18, 2020

Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market cares about you and our employees. Our mission is to treat others as we would like to be treated and that includes concern for your health and safety.

As a result of the increasing local concern and suggested precautions surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), Hartville Marketplace is taking added precautions to continue providing a clean environment for your shopping experience. This means we will increase the frequency and extent of our cleaning practices to include (but not limited to):

  • Cleaning and disinfecting Customer Service and register areas ongoing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms hourly
  • Cleaning and disinfecting more frequently used touch points throughout the store
  • Cleaning and disinfecting our carts more frequently

We will continue to refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and other public health agencies to determine the safest course of action for everyone who enters our stores.

Furthermore, we will continue to reevaluate all of our events as they approach in order to make sure that we are abiding by what our country council is suggesting. We feel this is the prudent response to Governor Mike DeWine’s recommendations and an effort towards keeping our community safe from the potential impact of the Coronavirus.

Based on current guidelines and our own standards and practices, we will remain open for business and committed to providing you an exceptional customer experience. Sarah’s Grill will have a limited take out menu as well as Starbucks coffee to go in our Coffee Mill.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you,

Seth Coblentz
General Manager, Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market


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